MEGA IMMUNE is a complex regulator of metabolism, which promotes energy and good mood, an immunomodulator that gives us peace of mind, while regulating oxidative stress, promotes the creation of stem cells, as well as niacin (vitamin B3), controls oxidative stress and improves the microbiota.

It has the ability to regulate blood glucose levels thanks to its zinc fingers, improves intestinal-brain communication, allowing the intestine to manufacture the different components that form part of the immune system.

Thanks to its active ingredients, we can regain the energy and energy we need to achieve the life we desire.



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The high antioxidant power of MEGA IMMUNO protects the genome from radical alterations, allows the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems to act at the right time, minimising the damage caused by oxidative stress, while at the same time giving us the serenity and emotional stability to face the challenges of the day. Thanks to the serotonin it promotes, which will be transformed into melatonin and then into valentonin, it will also provide us with a timely rest, helping us to recover the circadian rhythms so that our body finds a natural balance. If we rest well, we will wake up in a good mood and with the desire to take on the world.

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